A positive attitude is something everyone can work on, and everyone can learn how to employ it. – Joan Lunden.

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The above quote by Joan Lunden may sound simple and the result from the Instagram poll I made on my personal Instagram account may seem common. Nonetheless, maintaining a positive attitude is not as easy as ABC, especially in the workplace.

According to the 2016 Snapshot of the Australian Workplace (McMillan 2016), less than half (44%) of Australians are happy with their job. Some of the main reasons are based on the outside factors, namely frequent high stress levels, as well as “serious incidences of conflict or other negative impacts at work” (McMillan 2016, p.6). However, let’s be real; stress and conflicts are inevitable in a work environment. Generally, we are spending approximately a quarter of our day, five days per week around people with different backgrounds, personality traits, and mental states that to some extend can and will affect us.

Fret not! Here are seven easy tips on how you can maintain your positivity within the workplace:


When everyone around you would be open to consider new ideas, then everyone would have something to gain.


Be ready to receive and provide feedback to your colleagues when necessary. Constructive feedback gives us a glimpse of the quality of our work. Positive feedback can keep our good works up, and constructive feedback will let us know what we have to change.


When it gets too complicated, pull yourself out of the mess by going out for some air. It will give you the time to think clearly and find the right way to solve the problems at hand.


Clean space, clear mind. Bare desk, bright work. Well-organized desk and desktop help you to be productive. A peaceful wallpaper could also bring you tranquillity on a busy day.


At the beginning of each day, write down a list of all the items you need to accomplish and sort them by their level of priority. It is satisfying to check them off one by one as you move through your day.


Your workplace will feel a lot better when you have sociable colleagues to work with. Take time to know your co-workers, even just a little. There is always a story behind the story, so try to create the connection and build the relationship.


Last but not least: smile more! Kraft and Pressman (2012) found that smiling could reduce stress and improve your mood. It never cost you anything and it tricks your brain into feeling happy. It feels good when you are surrounded by genuinely smiling colleagues.

There are many other ways to keep a positive mind whilst being in the workplace, but trying out these tricks could be you first step to have a better, healthier, and happier working environment for you and your colleagues!


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